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Hands on drills drawing from your holster, concealment, and shooting are the highlights of this class. We will go over Illinois State law regarding the use of force, developing a personal and home protection plan for you and your family, firearm basics, shooting fundamentals and many other eye opening topics. The class concludes with a trip to the range for live fire drills and the State qualification course.

Concealed carry training taught you the fundamentals of being a responsible armed citizen. Advanced Concealed Carry will teach you the techniques you need to overcome attackers in the close quarters of real-life encounters. 

The training will include instruction and drills in:

  • - Situational awareness including exercises you can employ every day to avoid or escape dangerous confrontations.
  • -The factors needed to make your decision to run, hide, or fight.
  • - Execution of the three most effective close quarter shooting techniques.
  • - Techniques used to clear an attacker from your personal space.
  • - Weapon attack redirection techniques.
  • - Clear, redirect, and counter shooting drills.
  • - Multiple attacker/threat countermeasure shooting drills.
  • - Countermeasure shooting drills with a partner.
  • - Static (airsoft) shooting drills.
  • - Fluid (airsoft) shooting drills with a partner.

You can expect to shoot 150-200 airsoft rounds during the course of this class. This class will operate at a sustained physical activity level. While the class drills are not strenuous your mobility should be commensurate to perform light exercise ( unimpaired walking, ease of movement up and down stairs, twisting at the waist as examples ). Eye protection is required for this class, you can bring your own or we can provide eye protection for you. *YOU MUST ALREADY HAVE YOUR IL CCW PERMIT! 

$99 includes use of Airsoft gun and unlimited Airsoft rounds

Why Practice Using Airsoft Guns? As surprising as it may sound — there’s a good case for it.

Well, it is quite simple.

  • 1st - Airsoft pellets are a whole lot cheaper than expensive ammunition costs.
  • 2nd - Airsoft guns can be shot at home in the comfort of your own garage. This enables people to practice their training as often as they would like. These days airsoft guns look and feel similar to real guns.
  • 3rd - It provides them with familiarity before adding the lethal component of live ammunition, the same philosophy carries over to skilled shooters as well. Many times, the only skills shooters ever really train on involve marksmanship, speed, and gun-handling because so many other skills, such as weapon retention and disarming, cannot be trained with live ammunition.

Airsoft can really help you work on the fundamentals. It’s possible to pick up a replica of many of the commonly made handguns and use that airsoft gun to practice things like:

  1. Response Drills - Concealed carriers need to be able to draw their handgun from holster and put rounds on target. This is something that should be practiced at a range or controlled safe environment. For those who are nervous about carrying with a round in the chamber, airsoft can provide a good bridge for practicing all the same techniques without having to worry about it.
  2. Working Against Live Opponents - There is no substitute for range practice and advance pistol courses. However, you will never have the opportunity to fight against a practice opponent using live rounds.

There’s something different about working against real people who are just as interested in taking you out as you are them — without the threat of death being involved.

Airsoft will never come close to replacing actual experience but it can help bridge the gap for a lot of tactical skill sets. Ammunition is expensive and airsoft pellets are cheap. Working on a safe course with other players will give you some mental bearing on working in a defensive environment.


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