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Hands on drills drawing from your holster, concealment, and shooting are the highlights of this class. We will go over Illinois State law regarding the use of force, developing a personal and home protection plan for you and your family, firearm basics, shooting fundamentals and many other eye opening topics. The class concludes with a trip to the range for live fire drills and the State qualification course.

Illinois CCW Class

16-Hour IL approved course is only $99
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Military & Veterans 

8-Hour Sunday course
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Oct 7 & 8

Saturday 8am-4pm
Sunday 8am-4pm
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Oct 21 & 22

Saturday 8am-4pm
Sunday 8am-4pm
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Nov 4 & 5

Saturday 8am-4pm
Sunday 8am-4pm
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Why Choose WSCC

All Classes Instructed by Illinois Police Officers
  •  You'll feel confident on the Illinois law; we provide real life, practical exercises to prepare successful students to lawfully conceal carry.
  •  All classes are taught by full-time police officers and certified NRA instructors
  •  We are one of the first established CCW trainers approved by the state and we have successfully trained over 11,000 satisfied students in our firearms classes
  •  Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews and recommendations from students on Google, Yelp and Facebook. Just look and see!

Do I need my own firearm to take the class?

You can bring your own firearm if you have one. But no worries, we have gun rental (includes the ammo) for only $25 Still have questions? See FAQs

What Our Students Say About Their Experience

CCW Class Review
Mickey Owano Verified Facebook Review Best CCL Class you can take! I took it with my wife and Joe was a great instructor. My wife has never fired or held a gun in her life she was so nervous to even fire a weapon and after the class and her shooting a pistol at the range with the instructors that were so helpful she now feels comfortable caring a gun and having them in the house.
Class Review
Nick Fay Verified Facebook Review The class was great. The hands on drills definitely reinforced what I have seen and practiced before. Joe and Terry have a great lesson plan that isn't overly complicated with information that might not be needed to know. The blend of power point and active engagement during the class was awesome. Learned plenty of new information and corrected some bad information I had learned from other sources. Can't forget to acknowledge the rest of the staff as they were pivotal in helping things run smoothly as well. Highly recommend this class to everyone looking to aquire their permit.
firearms course review
Bruce Williams Verified Facebook Review Joe and Terry run a very professional operation. They clearly err on the side of caution and if you follow their teachings and advice you will be able to navigate the world of concealed carrying without getting yourself in a legal mess. I learned a lot. It has changed the way I behave in the world and I don't even own a gun yet. I highly recommend this course. It is hard for me to imagine how this course material could be presented better. Also given the amount of communication and e-mail Joe must receive it is amazing how promptly he responds to questions or issues outside of the class work.
Gun Training Class Review
Dr. Jon Ritt Verified Facebook Review Absolutely a great class with knowledgeable instructors and practical drills. Joe and Terry made it fun and kept it lively. The range portion was great and each instructor was helpful to every student on the line by offering suggestions for improvement in stance and gripping. I highly recommend this course! If you're still hesitant or any bit unsure if you should still go for your CCW permit, these guys and their class will quickly ease any indecision. Very comfortable and not boring at all. Worth every penny!

Instructor Background

Voted Best Concealed Carry Course in the State of Illinois

Your class instructors are are full-time Police Officers in the Western Suburbs of Chicago with over 20 years of SWAT experience. Not only do they cover all the required topics from the State Police, but they'll also add 40 years of experience from training other Police and SWAT Officers in the legal aspects of using deadly force, as well as proper shooting fundamentals to survive a deadly encounter. In the matter of saving your life, you owe it to yourself to receive the best training available.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm totally new to guns. Is a CCW class for beginners?

A:Yes, this class is very comprehensive and is for all levels, even beginners. At least a quarter of the class has never even held a firearm before.

Do you have to own a gun?

A:You do not need a firearm to take our class. We offer gun and ammo rental for $25 per person. We have not had a single person fail it and we have had thousands come through our classes. We typically rent out lower caliber firearm (.22 cal handgun) which are significantly easier to fire for the shooting qualification.

How many states can I carry in with this?

A:An Illinois CCW permit covers 24 states. If you add Florida or Arizona non-resident permits you can pick up 10 more states on top of that; both Florida and Arizona will accept our 16-hour IL training course. Utah, however, requires a completely separate class and it will only get you New Mexico and Washington additionally than what FL will get you. For complete list and more detailed info on particular states, visit http://www.usacarry.com

States only with Illinois CCW Permit/License:

States with Illinois AND Florida CCW Permit/License:

Will I be licensed to carry after taking this class?

A: No one is licensed to carry after completing the 16-hour training. There is NO TRAINING COURSE ANYWHERE can issue you a license; only the State of Illinois can. Only after you complete the training, you are issued a training ID number that is needed when you go to the final step of applying to the State of Illinois for your license.

What are the total fees?

A:Our 16-hour class training fee is $99. Plus you'll need to bring $25 for the RKA range we use to qualify.

Fingerprints are optional, but they expedite the approval process. They can be done during the class for $75.

Then you will apply to for the Illinois permit and pay a $150 application fee to the State of Illinois. This is not done or required during the class, and you can do it when you are ready to apply for your permit.

Basically, the minimum investment for a permit is around $274, which is for the class, range fee and state application fee. Remember, the optional fingerprints are additional.

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